This repository contains several games written by C++ and implementation of their AI.

2048, Tic-Tac-Toe, Demining, Sudoku, Nim…More games are coming!

Github Link: Click Here

Get Started

To use this project, first clone the repo on your device using the command below:

git clone

Then, cd into the directory you want to access and using the command below:


Then, human-played version and AI version will be compiled.






You are welcome to contribute to this repository. You can contribute to it via two ways:

  • Add a new AI strategy for an existing game. This requires you upload a new AI interface, update makefile and provide a development explanation.
  • Add a new game. This requires you to provide a human-played version and an AI version of your game. You should also provide makefile, and a detailed development explanation.

New Games in the Future

  • Sudoku

  • Nim

  • Flappy Bird

  • Tetris


GNU General Public License version 3